Customer experience made big news in 2013, with firms investing big bucks in boosting their efforts and cringe-inducing failures making international headlines. On Tuesday, February 4, Forrester will host a #ForrIdeas Twitter chat with Forrester Vice President and Research Director Harley Manning based on his research on why customer experience is fundamental to the success of every business. Manning is the coauthor of Outside In: The Power of Putting Your Customers at the Center of Your Business. The book explores the six disciplines companies need to master in order to compete effectively in a world where their customers can leave them more easily than ever.

Please join us from 3-4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, February 4, to participate in the chat. Follow @Forrester on Twitter, and search for the hashtag #ForrIdeas to find the chat. You can follow Harley at @hmanning. The chat will be centered around the following questions:

Q1. What has your company done to put customers at the center of your business? #ForrIdeas

Q2. How do you identify the things your customers really want from your company? #ForrIdeas

Q3. What challenges make it hard for your company to become customer-centric? #ForrIdeas

Q4. Technology is radically changing your customers and employees. What is the biggest #CX change you have witnessed in the past five years? #ForrIdeas