Hadoop is an essential data platform in the age of the customer but will become something else in 2015: an application platform. What Forrester calls “Hadooponomics” — Hadoop’s ability to linearly scale data storage and processing and leverage pay-per-use public cloudonomics — is making enterprise adoption mandatory. Need proof? Look for SQL to become Hadoop’s killer app, making it one of the most prolific use cases in the Hadoop ecosystem. 
According to another predictions report on the data economy, Hadoop will fall under the office of the CDO — not chief digital officer but chief data officer. While there has been a lot of focus on a chief digital officer, Forrester believes that is ultimately the role of a CIO in a modern technology management group. The chief data officer will coordinate data-related activities and keep a watchful eye across the organization and drive the data agenda. 
Other Hadoop predictions include:

  • Enterprise software vendors will close Hadoop’s data management and governance gap. 
  • The Hadoop skills shortage will disappear. 
  • Enterprises will let thousands of Hadoop cluster bloom in the cloud.
  • Another Hadoop distribution will emerge.
  • Hadoop will be added to Linux and Microsoft OS — for free.

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