At 35%, HP leads the EMEA server market ¿ in total worth $4 billion for Q2 2006 ¿ according to the first in a new series of quarterly updates published by Forrester Research (Nasdaq: FORR). The server market in EMEA remained flat in terms of revenues in Q2 2006 compared with the same period in 2005. Western Europe accounted for 81% of revenues, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) for 10%, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) for 9%.

Forrester¿s EMEA server update covers the state of the market and the relative performances of the top five vendors for Q2 2006. HP leads the market both in terms of revenues and shipments, with a strong performance from its x86 division helping to boost overall revenues year-on-year to a market share of 35%. Forrester estimates IBM’s share was 28%; Sun Microsystems netted a market share of 14%; Dell ¿ focused on x86 servers ¿ had a market share of just under 8%; while Fujitsu Siemens Computers accounted for 7% of the market. Other vendors operating in this space include Acer, Apple, Intel, Tyan, and SuperMicro, but none of these firms has a significant market share.

Paul Devine, Consultant at Forrester Research, comments: ¿Entry-level x86 systems provided some growth. Lower than expected price erosion helped sustain revenues. Vendors are responding by reducing channel and distribution costs and developing stronger negotiating positions with suppliers.¿

Forrester EMEA Server Market Top Five

  1. HP (35%)
  2. IBM (28%)
  3. Sun Microsystems (14%)
  4. Dell (8%)
  5. Fujitsu Siemens (7%)

Source: Forrester EMEA Server Update Q2 06

The report mentioned in this release, ¿EMEA Server Update, Q2 2006¿, is available to Forrester WholeView2TM clients.