“Microsoft wins the next-gen game console launch wars by launching something that the company doesn’t even call a console,” writes James McQuivey, author of Digital Disruption, in a blog post responding to the Microsoft Xbox One unveiling. “Where first Nintendo offered us a tablet to accompany the millions we had already bought and Sony then offered us a box that we couldn’t even see, Microsoft has trumped them both by delivering the Xbox One.”

McQuivey goes on to argue that Microsoft can now claim to be the winner of the race to build the best living room user experience available — a title previously held for the last decade by TiVo. “By throwing immense hardware at the problem along with its unique user interface assets — controller, mobile, voice, and gesture — Microsoft has created the first TV experience that will make sense to every first-time user. Very un-Microsoft, to be honest, and a pleasure to see. Even the inclusion of a Windows 8-like Snap feature to run apps next to each other is a gracenote I did not expect from Redmond.”

View McQuivey’s full analysis on the Forrester blog here.