Forrester forecasts 1 million US B2B salespeople will lose their jobs to self-service eCommerce by 2020, accounting for 20% of the B2B sales force.

B2B buyers are living in a 2015 digital-first world, but B2B sellers are still living in a 1965 salesman-first world. New Forrester data shows that nearly 75% of B2B buyers prefer to buy online when purchasing products for work, yet just 25% of B2B companies actively sell online.

Firms must adapt by building digitally enabled selling models that put self-serve eCommerce on equal footing with commissioned salespeople, writes Forrester. The effects will be felt most significantly by sales reps who are considered order takers — those serving customers who purchase self-explanatory products in a simple selling environment.

This also includes the elimination of hundreds of thousands of entry-level jobs that allowed college grads to enter the workforce as salespeople.

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