Despite predictions that global technology spending will surpass $3 trillion for the first time in 2018, new research from Forrester shows that most organizations are still struggling to drive employee productivity, engagement, and success through technology.

Today’s report explores how organizations can successfully augment employees with technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), wearables, smart glasses, etc. Here are a few key highlights from the research:

  • Human-machine teaming will augment human capabilities. In 2018, digital workers based on robotic process automation (i.e., bots) will replace and/or augment 311,000 office and administrative positions and 260,000 sales and related positions.
  • Next-gen technologies see only nascent use. Some 62% of workers state that input technologies (voice/motion recognition, etc.) make them more productive, yet too few employers provide these tools, and too few employees end up using them.
  • Emerging tech holds promise for employees. AI-driven virtual assistants, logistics management software, and workspace internet of things, among other technologies, will influence the future of work.

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