For all the money that companies spend of collaboration technology, none of them address the biggest barrier to top personal performance: interruptions. According to a new report from Forrester’s David Johnson, knowledge workers in the US experience an average of six interruptions per hour, between emails, texts, and more. But despite the intention behind them, those distractions aren’t in the best interest of the business, because companies with the most engaged employees enjoy 81% higher customer satisfaction and 103% improvement in employee turnover.

This type of productivity requires allowing employees to reach flow: the highest state of human performance. Much has been studied about flow and its relationship to positive leadership and its impact on productivity and happiness. However, Johnson’s report is the first to draw conclusions about the disruptions to flow that are caused by the very workforce technologies intended to help make the enterprise successful and what that means for management.

Johnson writes in a blog post that “the future of knowledge work requires a shift in technology management thinking, and that cognitive science must play a decisive role in technology management strategy as the world’s developed economies continue their technology-led shift toward ever more sophisticated knowledge work.”

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