2015 will be the year for brands to get mobile right. Or else they risk falling too far behind competitors who have re-engineered their business to meet customers’ demanding expectations on this device.

In 2015, Forrester predicts firms will compete in a world where:

Consumers spend more time on their phone but in fewer apps. Why? Because consumers have app fatigue and will increasingly look for seamless, integrated experiences on and among their devices. Brands must look to these seamless experiences, like Uber booking in Google Maps, for differentiation inspiration.

Mobile ignites a massive technology spend arms race. To stop thinking about mobile as “just another channel,” industry leaders will launch technology investments that will reach $189 billion by 2017, in order to enable mobile services that effectively engage consumers.

Apple, Facebook, or Google launch a branded content marketplace. With greater publisher/brand collaboration on the mobile experience in 2015, Forrester predicts that one of the major tech players will introduce a marketplace for the creation of mobile branded content.

Forrester’s 2015 mobile predictions also make calls on mobile as it pertains to wearables, privacy, wallets, and business models. To learn more, visit the eBusiness & Channel Strategy blog.