Marketers using beacon technology must reassure consumers that their privacy is being protected and deliver experiences that are immediately valuable, useful, and contextual, according to a new Forrester report. While beacons have a great deal of potential, Vice President and Principal Analyst Thomas Husson warns that marketers must resist the hype that surrounds the technology and remember, “Its reach is still limited today, and beacons are just one of several technologies that facilitate proximity marketing.”

Forrester believes that the future of marketing is in contextual experiences that offer true utility to the user. Beacons hold the potential to make an impact as a touchpoint to deliver this usefulness, but marketing leaders who don’t put their customers’ needs first will alienate their audiences. To create a responsible and engaging beacon marketing program, marketers must:

1) Clearly articulate your data and privacy policies.
2) Contextualize and personalize the marketing experience. 
3) Work with experienced vendors to launch pilot programs. 

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