Forrester’s future of jobs research estimated that while automation will displace 24.7 million jobs by 2027, emerging automation tools will create 14.9 million jobs during the same time period. In a follow-up report, J.P. Gownder identifies the top 12 workforce automation technologies in the market that will power these changes and explains how they are reshaping the workforce.

A few of the specific technologies that J.P. evaluates in this TechRadar™ are retail and warehouse robots, industrial robots, virtual assistants, cognitive artificial intelligence (AI), and sensory AI. Here are some of his other key findings:

  • The adoption of automation tools has already begun. Forty-one percent of enterprises say they are implementing, have implemented, or are expanding implementations of cognitive and AI tools.
  • Automation tools improve efficiency and productivity. Forty-three percent of business and technology decision makers believe that AI could enable them to disrupt their industry by developing new business models, products, and services.
  • Automation tech is transforming customer service. New cloud-based tools (i.e., Amazon Web Services AI, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, and Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite) offer businesses the opportunity to infuse a wide variety of customer-facing applications with the power of AI.

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