2024 Tech Budget Missteps You’ll Want To Avoid

Planning Guides 2024: Technology Leaders Webinar

Forrester’s annual planning research reveals that 81% of US enterprise technology decision-makers anticipate increasing spending in the coming year. Do you know where you should be focusing your spend in the ever-evolving tech market in 2024? 

Watch our annual planning webinar for tech leaders to learn where our analysts say to seize opportunities to invest, divest, and experiment with your 2024 tech budget. 

You’ll get insight from three Forrester analysts into the tech budget outlook for 2024 and tactical strategies to generate growth and revenue by funding customer-centric tech initiatives. 

Watch and learn how technology executives and architecture leaders can align their planning to meet business outcomes more efficiently.

Watch So You Can: 

  • Learn where tech execs should invest in AI to boost capability and drive efficiency. 
  • Understand where investments in cloud, data centers, and software are shifting. 
  • Identify where to experiment with your tech budget and where to challenge your budget priorities.

What’s In It For You?  

  • Research-based insights to help you align your 2024 tech budget. 
  • Hear the Q&A with analysts. 
  • A copy of Forrester’s 2024 planning guide for technology executives and architecture leaders when you view the event. 

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Planning Guides 2024: Technology Leaders

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