Sharyn Leaver, Senior Vice President of Research and Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst

Sharyn Leaver Craig LeClair

Show Notes:

The evolution of IT from service house to strategic advisor has enabled today’s digital experiences, but the shelf life of competitive advantage is shrinking.

Driving forces from every corner of the ecosystem will combine to challenge the structural and technological foundations of your business. A radically different model will become the norm as competition, customers, employee experience, organizational structures, and leadership place exponentially higher demands on the IT organization.

IT, and its corresponding digital capabilities, will need to continue to grow in order to sustain any hopes of market leadership. Investments in automation will bring IT in front of the workforce by improving productivity and adaptability at the employee level. Modernizing the core tech stack will improve agility and adaptability at the business level.

The ability to exploit technology to its highest potential will determine a company’s fate and fortune. Organizations will not change immediately, but 2019 will be a stepping stone for CIOs and their teams.

In this week’s episode, SVP of Research Sharyn Leaver and Vice President and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair give us a vision of how tech-driven innovation will turn today’s technology leadership into tomorrow’s business leadership.