Pascal Matzke, Vice President and Research Director

Show Notes:

Tech and data debt hold many businesses in shackles, preventing them from moving fast and making it difficult to change direction on a dime. Add in your stereotypical silos and political organizations, and it’s not surprising that digital natives were thought to be the end of the traditional enterprise.

But as Vice President and Research Director Pascal Matzke describes, incumbent organizations not only have some solid advantages over their youthful counterparts but also are able to reshape their core systems to become just as nimble. With vast amounts of data, market trust, and an established customer base, large businesses are often held back by core systems and entrenched ways of working — but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Change has become the only constant in today’s market, so adaptability is crucial to continually serve customer needs. By focusing on the foundations of the business, many companies are learning that they’re able to react quickly to market changes and keep pace without spending excessive amounts of time or energy just to stay alive.