John Rymer, VP and Principal Analyst and Jeffrey Hammond, VP and Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

It’s the CEO’s job to guide their firm toward a profitable future. Increasingly, that future depends on a discipline far outside the expertise of most CEOs: software. Forrester VPs and Principal Analysts John Rymer and Jeffrey Hammond discuss why digital transformation requires mutual understanding between the CEO and their software leaders.

Smart and connected technologies are defining the future of categories from agritech to medical devices to athletic apparel, and mainstay firms like Goldman Sachs (150 years old) and GE (126 years old) have rebranded as tech companies, yet many organizations struggle to adapt to this new reality.

And it shows. Each year, Forrester surveys CIO Council members about their priorities. This year’s results revealed that many of software organizations’ biggest blockers fall in the CEO’s court. As a result, delivery times have stalled and innovation is taking a hit. Organizations are lumbering when they need to run.  

To break out of this slump and pivot, structural and cultural hurdles must be wrestled to the ground. With the support of the CEO, software leaders have a better chance of making desperately needed progress and setting the firm on a course toward success.