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Planning Season Is Coming. Use Forrester’s Planning Guides To Cut Through Complexity.

Sharyn Leaver 3 days ago
Our Planning Guides will steer you toward budgeting decisions that set you up for success in 2025. Get a preview of what to expect when the guides launch on August 1.

The Benefits And Challenges Of Industry Clouds

What It Means 3 days ago
What are industry clouds? What are their use cases, benefits, and drawbacks? Find out as VP and Principal Analyst Kate Leggett provides a detailed look at the latest trends in industry clouds.

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Attend our Technology & Innovation Summits for breakthrough research, strategies, and best practices to achieve high-performance IT, embrace AI, and fuel growth with emerging technology. Meet with a Forrester analyst to get perspective on your priorities.


Will Generative AI Revolutionize ERP Systems?

What It Means July 11, 2024
Generative AI is breathing new life into traditional technology, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are no exception. In this episode, Vice President and Principal Analyst Liz Herbert discusses the opportunities, use cases, and challenges of genAI in ERP.

Architects Demonstrate Value By Showcasing Business Outcomes

Stéphane Vanrechem July 3, 2024
Enterprise architecture teams must take action to demonstrate their value to the overall business — read this blog for some key best practices and activities that EA professionals can undertake.

Why Are Vector Databases Critical For AI Strategy? Find Out At This Year’s Technology & Innovation Summit!

Noel Yuhanna June 27, 2024
Traditional databases are proving insufficient for generative AI models, which often operate in high-dimensional spaces and require searching for similarities. Learn how vector databases can help fill the gap in this preview of a session at the upcoming Technology & Innovation Summit North America.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies For 2024

What It Means June 27, 2024
The pace of technology innovation can make it hard to keep an eye on the tech horizon. In this episode, Vice President of Emerging Tech Portfolio Brian Hopkins walks through this year’s list of the top 10 emerging technologies, describing when each technology will bring value to users.

The Four Styles Of High-Performance IT

Matthew Guarini June 25, 2024
Most IT organizations follow a dominant style that best aligns with their business objectives. High-performance IT identifies and defines four common high-performance styles to help IT leaders craft the optimal portfolio of capabilities. Learn more in this post.

Forrester’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies For 2024: As AI Dominates, Security Becomes Paramount

Brian Hopkins June 25, 2024
Forrester’s list of the top 10 emerging technologies for 2024 reflects the continued dominance of AI but also emphasizes the growing importance of security in our increasingly connected world. Get a deep dive on the top 10 list in this blog post.

Key Takeaways From SAP Sapphire Orlando 2024

Akshara Naik Lopez June 12, 2024
From generative AI to cloud to pricing announcements, the recent SAP Sapphire in Orlando was a busy event. Read this blog to get our key takeaways and perspectives on the big announcements from SAP.

The ERP World Is Busy With Acquisitions

Akshara Naik Lopez June 12, 2024
SAP and IFS announce key acquisitions, furthering the breadth and depth of their software capabilities and adding customer value.

Master The Art Of Decision-Making

Aldila Yunus June 12, 2024
In a world where data is as abundant as clarity is elusive, mastering the discipline of decision-making is more important than ever. Many organizations and leaders fall short at decision-making, approaching it intuitively rather than analytically. For those in charge of an organization where success relies on their ability to optimize business decisions, a mystery […]

TIER: Tech Leaders Must Adapt To The Evolving US Developer Labor Market

Christopher Gilchrist June 11, 2024
Despite the uncertain economic climate and continued layoffs, competition for skilled software developers will remain high. Get three key insights from our latest TIER report to help attract the best developers.

See Our Picks For 2024’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Watch our webinar replay to see what Forrester says are the top 10 emerging technologies for 2024 — and use cases and benefits you’ll want to embrace.


Forrester’s AI Webinar Series: Navigate The Choppy And Exciting Waters Of Enterprise AI

Sudha Maheshwari June 7, 2024
AI is having — and will continue to have — a profound impact on how data scientists, software engineers, and other job functions perform their roles. Get tips on how to define, build, and implement your enterprise AI strategy with the help of Forrester's AI Advantage client webinar series.

Unleash The Power Of Tech: Technology & Innovation Summit North America

Matthew Guarini June 6, 2024
Technology and data leaders are at a pivotal moment, being pressed to chart a path that capitalizes on new and emerging technology to drive meaningful business results. Learn how Forrester’s annual Technology & Innovation Summit North America can help you get there.

Align Or Fall Behind: Overcoming Software Strategy Execution Challenges In APAC

Frederic Giron June 6, 2024
The APAC software industry is booming, with a growth rate of 10.3% expected in 2024, yet mastering a software strategy remains a complex task for technology leaders. Learn how to fine-tune your 2025 IT budgeting efforts to match the intensity of investment with each high-performance IT style in response to the distinctive needs of your business strategy.

The Future Of AI PCs: Roadmap To Enterprise Adoption

What It Means June 6, 2024
With AI PCs finding their way into the consumer market this year, the big question is: When will they hit the enterprise market? In this episode, Principal Analyst Andrew Hewitt discusses the current state and future potential of AI PCs.

Data-Driven Insights And AI: Informing And Automating Complex Decisions

Indranil Bandyopadhyay May 31, 2024
I recently attended CCC Intelligent Solutions’ (CCCIS’s) conference in Atlanta, where it showcased its data- and AI-enabled capabilities in auto claim administration to its stakeholders — insurers, OEM players, ecosystem partners, and industry analysts. One of the conference’s central themes was using data, insights, and AI (especially computer vision) to automate complex decision-making in the […]

Don’t Get Blinded By Shiny Tech Objects

Get our guide to building a business case for emerging technology investment, identifying use cases, and securing support — and learn how Forrester’s CaDI analysis framework can prevent you from going down the wrong path.


Deciphering Cloud Costs: There’s Hope

What It Means May 30, 2024
There are a lot of reasons why cloud cost management is a thorn in the CIO’s side. In this episode, Principal Analyst Tracy Woo describes how FinOps, the FOCUS standard, and other new initiatives can help reduce cloud costs.

Get The Recognition Your Company And IT Organization Deserve With The Forrester Technology Strategy Impact Award

Frederic Giron May 15, 2024
With deadlines approaching, learn the benefits of entering a submission to the Forrester Technology Strategy Impact Awards.

With Selipsky Out, What’s Next For AWS?

Lee Sustar May 15, 2024
AWS announced this week that Adam Selipsky will depart as CEO and Matt Garman, AWS senior VP of sales and marketing, would replace him in June. Find out what the implications of this move could be at a critical time for AWS and the broader cloud market overall.
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