Melissa Parrish, VP, Group Director

Show Notes:

Marketers aim to please. They want to wow customers and thrill prospects. They constantly strive for more clicks, views, and conversions. The rise of martech has allowed them to work more efficiently and more precisely than ever before.

But as Vice President and Group Director Melissa Parrish explains, all this zeal can proverbially poison the well, souring consumer sentiment. From “creepy” overtargeting to fervent data collection to automated content with insensitive gaffes, marketers have made some serious missteps.

Some marketers have assumed that customer obsession requires knowing absolutely everything about every person and demonstrating that fact. But the reality is that 51% of US online adults take active steps to limit data collection, meaning more than half of your customers prefer data privacy over a more relevant experience.

Fortunately, there’s a better path ahead. It’s time to challenge fundamental assumptions about what customers want. In a metrics-driven world, taking a step back to ensure that you’re being empathetic and investing more in creatives can seem like an inefficiency. But it’s necessary. Marketing remains both an art and a science, and smart organizations will proceed with that in mind.