Chris Gallacher, Principal Consultant

Show Notes:

Implementing new tech in a government context can be challenging to say the least. Agencies maintain a conservative risk posture for good reason: They manage some of the most sensitive data imaginable and must be vigilant about ROI due to zero-based budgeting.

Unfortunately, the slow-grinding gears of change in government have left agencies drowning in technical debt and struggling to deliver their mission effectively.

As agencies look to revitalize their tech core, Principal Consultant Chris Gallacher explains, they can succeed by making the citizen experience their central design point. Citizens have come to expect that government agencies will provide agile, convenient experiences equal to those found in the private sector. Agencies recognize the need to move fast, as the gap between private and public is growing larger.

Gallacher recommends that agencies start by improving the employee experience through the building or refreshing of tech capabilities that help people do their job better. To do so, tech teams can benefit from building internal personas. By keeping the user in mind, it becomes much easier to move the needle and generate positive experiences. Hear more about how agencies can leverage tech to better deliver their mission.