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Michael Lysaght, CTO, WW

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Tech defines the customer experience, helps or hinders employee effectiveness, streamlines the purchase path, or complicates it.

Simply put: There can be no business transformation without digital transformation.

On this week’s What It Means, WW CTO Michael Lysaght walks us through how his tech organization succeeded at implementing massive changes, enabling the company at large to meet the needs of today’s customers.

WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, has empowered millions to lose weight and change their relationship with food by centering on community. Now, WW can support members holistically by leveraging digital platforms in seamless conjunction with in-person and telephone channels.

Tech was needed to make the customer experience work. When Lysaght joined, website updates came in the form of biannual deployments that took the site down for several hours. And the mobile app had a dismal rating.

By introducing modern engineering practices, including scrum teams, Lysaght was able to revitalize the tech org and the tech offering. Plus, Lysaght broke down silos so that the engineering team could benefit from the dedication and knowledge of teams such as product and marketing. In turn, the tech team was better able to help employees succeed.