Ryan Skinner, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Over the past decade, DTC brands have exploded onto the scene. They’ve shifted spend and affinity away from established brands, especially among valuable younger, high-income consumers.

How should incumbent brands respond? Do they need to?

It’s true that marketing trends come and go. Forrester believes that most DTC startups will fade away (though not all). However, the smartest move isn’t to stay on the sidelines.

To help incumbents grapple successfully with the changes signaled by DTC, we’re releasing Principal Analyst Ryan Skinner’s keynote from Consumer Marketing 2019.

DTC’s sudden popularity indicates that consumers are readily adapting to new ways of buying. They’re willing to experiment; they’re looking for unique and convenient experiences. Incumbents can tap into this energy by delivering increased value to consumers, as directly to customers as possible. We call this strategy “direct-to-value.”

Listen in to hear more about what direct-to-value is and how it can usher your brand into the future of buying.