Harley Manning, VP, Research Director and Michelle Yaiser, Director, CX Analytics

Show Notes:

What drives customer loyalty? It may seem mysterious, but Forrester data says otherwise. While many pieces make up the loyalty puzzle, certain areas matter most.

On this episode, we’re joined by VP and Research Director Harley Manning and Director of CX Analytics Michelle Yaiser to review the results of the US CX Index 2019 and find out how brands can increase their CX investments’ efficiency.

So far, firms have focused on patching leaky holes, like streamlining a mobile app’s workflows. While it’s never good to leave obvious fixes unfixed, that’s not enough to build real loyalty. As CX teams have advanced, they’ve worked through the low-hanging fruit. Many are unsure of where to go next. This is understandable, as CX is still a relatively new and emerging discipline.

But with limited resources and a need to prove ROI, CX teams can’t afford to take a scattershot approach. Fortunately, drivers identified in the CX Index can focus efforts and investments. For example, a revamped app may be cool. But customers are more motivated to stick with brands that solve their problem in one phone call.

As CX teams look to achieve more and break the excellence barrier, prioritizing high-impact areas can support efficiency, results, and (best of all) increased customer loyalty.