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The Forrester Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) is closes the loop between CX measures and growth, giving you unprecedented ability to guide investments that produce the greatest revenue return. Our CX Index insights glean lessons from the index’s data.

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How Does B2B CX Quality Impact Loyalty? — A Forrester B2B Summit 2022 Session Preview

Laura Ramos April 11, 2022
Assessing the CX of B2B companies is trickier than in the B2C space. At Forrester's B2B Summit North America, we'll unveil the first B2B CX Index™ and reveal which aspects of CX matter most for two popular solution types.

New Forrester Data Shows Wide Disparities In US Federal Customer Experience (CX) Quality Despite Overall Gains

Rick Parrish December 10, 2021
Average Federal CX Ekes Out A New High, Still Trailing The Private Sector It’s a new White House priority to provide “excellent, equitable, and secure federal services and customer experience.” To help understand the state of the federal CX, Forrester has published a US federal CX Index (CX Index™) report since 2015. This year, in […]

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Auto Manufacturers: Love Them Or Hate Them, Human Touchpoints Aren’t Going Away

Karine Cardona-Smits December 2, 2021
With Zaklina Ber, Senior Research Associate, Forrester In 2021, we surveyed customers in five European countries about their experiences with auto manufacturers during both the purchase and service experience. To understand and ultimately improve the quality of their customer experience (CX), auto manufacturers need to understand why the industry ranks the way it does. Fifty-five […]

Why Customers Say They’ll Recommend You And Also Say They Won’t Buy From You Again

Michelle Yaiser November 10, 2021
Customers seem to contradict themselves when they say that they don’t intend to stay with a brand but will buy more from and/or recommend the brand. This blog post discusses what's behind this customer loyalty pattern and how should brands respond.

“Predictive” Marks A New Era In Customer Experience Management

Steven Peltzman November 4, 2021
Forrester has launched a new feature in its FeedbackNow platform that lets brands move into the predictive era of customer experience. Learn more here.

To Win Customer Loyalty, Make Customers Feel Valued, Appreciated, And Respected

Michelle Yaiser November 3, 2021
Each year, we find that emotion has a bigger impact on customer loyalty than effectiveness or ease. This blog post discusses the emotions that have the biggest impact.

How European Auto And Home Insurers Can Differentiate On Customer Experience

Oliwia Berdak October 18, 2021
Forrester surveyed customers of the 32 of the largest and most important auto and home insurance brands in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK about the quality of their experiences as a part of our European Auto And Home Insurers Customer Experience Index, 2021.

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Mutuals And Challengers With Great Digital Offerings Or Customer Service Provide The Best Banking CX In Pandemic Europe

Oliwia Berdak October 15, 2021
Forrester surveyed customers of the 38 of the largest and most important banking brands in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK about the quality of their experiences as a part of our European Banking Customer Experience Index, 2021. As in 2020, mutuals and challengers (banks founded as alternatives to traditional banks) offer the best experiences across Europe.

CX: How Indian Brands Performed In 2021

Amit Bhatia September 2, 2021
Ever watched “50 First Dates“? It’s the one where Adam Sandler woos Drew Barrymore, but there’s a catch: Each date is a “first date” because she can’t remember anything from their previous encounters — all thanks to her short-term memory loss. So, he’s forced to impress her all over again, every single day. A version […]

Bridge The Gap Between Current And Future Customer Journeys

Kelly Price July 1, 2021
Identifying the various issues that hold your customer experience back can feel impossible. Learn how a new assessment tool can help you document and prioritize the gaps in your customer journey.

Financial Advisors Propel Morgan Stanley To The Top Of Investment Firms In The US CX Index, 2021

Vijay Raghavan June 2, 2021
Amid massive market volatility and uncertainty, two investment firms were able to vault up the rankings in the Forrester US CX Index 2021. Discover how, and why they'll have a competitive advantage going forward.

CX Is A Critical Driver Of Emotional Loyalty

Mary Pilecki April 26, 2021
Emotion metrics can be a measure of a customer’s actual loyalty. But only when they're placed in a larger context of customer loyalty metrics. Read more.

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Mutuals And Direct Banks Top The UK, France, Italy, And Spain Banking CX Indexes — Here’s Why

Oliwia Berdak March 31, 2021
In our 2020 European Banking Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), mutuals and direct banks outperformed traditional banks in terms of customer experience (CX) in the UK, France, Italy, and Spain. Why? Because mutuals and direct banks excel at the three E’s of customer experience: ease, effectiveness, and emotion. But they do it differently. When we […]

Why Invest In Customer Experience?

Martin Gill February 24, 2021
The business benefits of strengthening CX are clear. Read the takeaways from our recent survey of European consumers.

What’s The ROI Of CX Transformation?

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian January 28, 2021
Do the benefits of CX transformation outweigh the costs and result in a positive ROI? How can you determine that for your company? Our newly updated report “The ROI Of CX Transformation” helps you answer these questions. The report includes: New proof points about the benefits of investing in CX from our large-scale Customer Experience […]

CX Predictions 2021: Design For Consumer Trust

What It Means December 3, 2020
Consumer trust has always been important. But for 2021, consumer trust is underlined and bolded — nothing is more important for a brand’s survival. On this episode of What It Means with Vice President and Research Director David Truog, discover how CX pros will helm their firm’s journey into the brave new world of post-pandemic customer expectations.

Service New South Wales Is The Clear CX Leader In Australia’s Public Sector

Riccardo Pasto November 29, 2020
Our Australia government Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) 2020 results are in! The CX Index tests 30 drivers of CX and 27 emotions to reveal the factors that make a government experience easy, effective, and emotionally engaging. These indicators explain each government organization’s overall CX Index score and impact on mission performance. This year, we […]

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European Customer Experience Index, 2020: How Banks And Insurers Can Connect CX With Business Impact

Oliwia Berdak November 18, 2020
Learn how leaders in the European banking and insurance industries can credibly connect the customer story to the money story.

Predictions 2021: Trust, Safety, And Inclusion Will Be At The Core Of Customer Experience

David Truog October 23, 2020
In 2021, the pandemic will affect customer experiences and the CX profession even more than it has in 2020, especially in terms of trust, safety, and inclusion. Get a preview of our customer experience predictions for 2021.

Australian FSI Firms Have Responded Well To The Pandemic, But Their CX Is Just OK

Riccardo Pasto October 8, 2020
The 2020 Australia Banking and Superannuation Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) results are live! COVID-19 stress-tested the robustness of Australian banks’ and supers’ governance structures and crisis management plans as the industry experienced rapid regulatory changes. Firms Must Focus On CX That Builds Loyalty To Come Out Ahead In The Crisis Forrester’s CX Index methodology […]
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