Pascal Matzke, VP, Research Director

Show Notes:

In an era of constant change, adaptiveness is key to success. Adaptive organizations grow at more than three times the rest of the market. On this episode of What It Means, Forrester VP and Research Director Pascal Matzke examines the “intellectual shift” required to become an adaptive organization, rethinking everything from organizational silos and legacy ERP systems to IT’s role in shaping customer expectations.

Adaptive firms anticipate tomorrow’s markets and customer needs and leverage the technology needed to prepare the organization for an environment of continual change. The CIO’s value shifts from managing the technology portfolio to proactively contextualizing and reimagining that portfolio against a backdrop of innovation and constant change. This is not a small task but one that reaps big benefits for the IT organization and the entire enterprise.

Matzke describes how one packaging equipment maker created an entirely new business stream by offering a previously internal data stream to its customers. In another example, he points to automaker Daimler’s realigning HCM systems to better adapt to future business environments.

Becoming a proactive adaptive enterprise depends on the CIO’s willingness and ability to put the platforms in place that not only enable adaptiveness but drive the organization toward it.