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Kathryn Frederick, CMO, Ticketmaster

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Ticketmaster moves fast. The company sells 15 tickets per second and processes 500 million transactions a year. That volume of eCommerce activity produces a tremendous amount of customer data, which Ticketmaster is utilizing to create more personalized customer experiences.

In this week’s What It Means, Ticketmaster CMO Kathryn Frederick provides an inside look at the firm’s data transformation journey. During a session recorded live at the Data Strategy & Insights 2018 Forum, Frederick and Forrester Principal Analyst Brandon Purcell discussed Ticketmaster’s data-driven approach to personalizing customer experience and increasing engagement. The pair also covered practical first steps for any long-term data transformation journey and the benefits of structuring teams around desired outcomes instead of functional areas.

As Ticketmaster progresses on its journey, Frederick emphasizes that transformation on this scale never really ends. However, “the marathon has mile markers,” she says, emphasizing that an organization can manage to short-term goals while keeping the long-term vision in sight.

To get an update on Ticketmaster’s transformation journey, register for the Data Strategies & Insights 2019 Forum where Kathryn Campbell, Ticketmaster’s director of research and insights, will present “The Journey To Becoming A Customer Insights Center Of Excellence.”