David Johnson, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

The future of work is arriving faster than anticipated due to the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic. To enable employees to weather the whirlwind of uncertainty and stay productive, employers need to cultivate a strong employee experience (EX) strategy. Learn how on this episode of What It Means, featuring Principal Analyst David Johnson.

Right now, most firms lack a mature employee experience strategy. Now is the time to change that. Fortunately, some lessons learned from your customer experience programs can be applied in an EX context. For example, you may be able to repurpose the principles of your customer sentiment analysis program and your feedback strategy. One thing is certainly true for improving both your customer and employee satisfaction: Collecting feedback is good; showing how you used that feedback to drive organizational change is better.

A successful EX program helps employees feel empowered, inspired, and enabled. In the current environment, feeling enabled is the most critical, as new ways of working and decreased social connection fuel the need for new tools and increased flexibility. Discover more about the business benefits of a mature employee experience strategy on this episode and at CX North America next month.