Joana Quintanilha, VP, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

How are your customers interacting with you? Chances are, it’s far different from how they interacted before the coronavirus pandemic. And in a few months, the story could completely change again. To add even more complexity, local conditions will affect consumer preferences and behavior. So how do you navigate all this to deliver great customer experiences?

On this episode of What It Means, VP and Principal Analyst Joana Quintanilha joins to discuss how customer journey mapping can help firms find clarity during this chaotic moment. Journey maps are, by design, dynamic documents that can (and should) be amended to reflect reality on the ground. With good journey maps in hand, customer experience (CX) teams can determine where to put resources to fulfill customers’ current needs.

The coronavirus pandemic has reordered the importance of individual journeys. Mapping helps CX teams prioritize which journeys need to be created, accelerated, or put on the back burner. For example, a grocery retailer may need to accelerate its online pickup journey, adding features that provide store-specific wait times.

Some organizations may hesitate to do journey mapping workshops in a virtual environment. But not only can virtual journey mapping workshops succeed, there are even advantages over their analog counterparts. A digital whiteboard, for example, can be saved and turned into a journey mapping document.

To learn more about how journey mapping can benefit your firm right now, listen to the full episode and join Joana at the CX North America virtual experience, June 16–18, 2020.