Thomas Husson, Vice President, Principal Analyst

Show notes:

AR and VR are hot topics, and for good reason. These two technologies have the power to create more disruptive business models and immersive experiences. While VR completely replaces the real world, AR enhances it by virtually overlaying contextual digital information on a physical-world object.

VR experiences — at scale — are still years away. The technology is costly and complex from a production standpoint, and it requires alignment across many teams and processes. On the other hand, AR is already more mature and will scale faster than VR. AR has become a platform play; to take advantage of it, companies must have an advanced integration of mobile into their business strategy.

In this episode, Thomas Husson outlines the revolutionary path of AR and VR — how some companies are already using the tech, which brands should be the next to jump on board, and how both technologies will impact the way businesses operate and engage with customers down the road.