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Virtual reality (VR) technologies have excited brands looking to create unique, engaging experiences for customers. Learn how brands are successfully using VR and how to avoid falling into the trap of “cool, but no ROI.”

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The Metaverse Is Born — Now It Needs To Grow Up

David Truog November 15, 2021
The metaverse has arrived — or that was the vibe last week, anyway, at the 2021 installment of the Augmented World Expo (AWE) conference. Many speakers also acknowledged that the metaverse is still in its early days, but the consensus was that after decades of gestation, the metaverse is now born. Since 2013, AWE has […]

NFTs Are Having A Bromance With US Males

Mike Proulx November 4, 2021
State Farm is jumping onto the NFT bandwagon with a football-themed treasure hunt running November 4–7. The insurance company is just the latest of a quickly growing list of brands experimenting with nonfungible tokens since they started gaining marketers’ attention back in March with the launch of NBA Top Shot. That same month, NFTs officially […]

Consumers Aren’t Ready For The Metaverse Yet

Mike Proulx September 21, 2021
In its current state, the metaverse is prime (virtual) real-estate for brands looking to make press headlines, test and learn, and reach a subset of the Gen Z audience. Brands that expect a revenue-based ROI from their metaverse custom media buys will be sorely disappointed.

Europe Predictions 2021: Manufacturers Will Accelerate Their Digital Transformations

Pascal Matzke October 15, 2020
In 2021, European manufacturers will leverage emerging technology to accelerate the digital transformation efforts.

Preparing For The Future: The 2020s Will Demand More From Your Tech

Brian Hopkins September 22, 2020
The 2020s announced their arrival with a bang this year. Find out what IT leaders can do to better align their tech stack to the coming wave of risks and changes.

The Disruptive And Problem-Solving Potential Of Emerging Technologies In CPG, Healthcare, And Retail

Brian Hopkins September 22, 2020
Emerging technology is always changing, so we wanted to understand the impact on different industries. In this audio series, we speak with our analyst colleagues Jeff Becker, George Lawrie, and Arielle Trzcinski to explore how emerging technologies are changing (and will in the future), even solving some of the most important and complex issues in four key sectors: consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare providers, healthcare insurers, and retail. In a world where […]

The Future Of Banking: Invisible, Connected, Insights-Driven, And Purposeful

Alyson Clarke July 30, 2020

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The Future Of Banking Has Arrived

Jacob Morgan July 29, 2020
Forrester's latest research finds future of banking will be invisible, connected, insights-driven, and purposeful. Analysts Jacob Morgan and Alyson Clarke break it all down.

Starting Research On Ambient Technologies And Experiences

Frank Gillett May 28, 2020
New research at Forrester will look into how ambient technologies that extend into our physical context could impact customer and employee experiences.

Ten Years In Augmented Reality: We’ve Come A Long Way [Wannaby]

Julie Ask February 25, 2020
Augmented reality (AR) has improved dramatically in the past 10 years. Ten years ago, AR was far too often gimmicky, unstable, and disappointing to consumers. It surfaced simple information well but fell short on animations. The digital content was more cartoonish or rough, and the tracking leaned toward being unstable (you needed perfect or steady […]

The NRF Innovation Lab — Technology Vendors Aim To Revolutionize The Way Consumers Shop

Madeline Cyr January 22, 2020
Last week at the NRF 2020 Vision show, I spent a few hours at the immersive Innovation Lab exhibit that showcased over 50 “new-to-market” technologies to transform the customer’s shopping experience. Aiming to make shopping an easier process, these solutions let the customer browse products strategically, experience the product before they buy, and tailor the […]

With Good Foundations, Augmented Reality Offers A Great Way To Engage With IoT Data

Paul Miller January 21, 2020
Augmented reality (AR) and the internet of things (IoT) — in principle, these two hot technologies are a great match, with data streaming from IoT-connected machines to be used by AR-wielding engineers on the factory floor. My latest report, “Combine Augmented And Mixed Reality With IoT To Deliver Insight At The Point Of Need,” began […]

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Breaking Down The 10 Need-To-Know Emerging Technologies

James Staten October 2, 2019
From natural language generation to quantum computing, a look at what's gaining traction and what it could mean for companies.

Requesting Your Help With A Survey On Smart Manufacturing

Paul Miller August 2, 2019
I’ve written a lot about the ways in which traditional product makers are being transformed by digital. In “From Grease To Code: Industrial Giants Must Bet Their Futures On Software,” for example, I explored ways in which industrial firms are having to reinvent themselves as they augment a hundred years of experience making physical products […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Matthew Guarini April 18, 2019
Is There A Resurgence For The CIO Role? For years, the CIO role looked like it had been moving toward “chief infrastructure officer,” with many executives feeling like the transformative part of their job had been carved out and handed to chief digital officers. We have always been dubious that CDOs without deep technology expertise […]

5G@MWC19 — Reflections On Mobile World Congress 2019

Dan Bieler March 1, 2019
Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 took place in Barcelona.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, And Mixed Reality Do Bring Value To Industry

Paul Miller February 12, 2019
Back in August of last year, I asked for good examples of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality, and mixed reality (MR), all together known as extended reality. Unsurprisingly, I saw plenty of examples of the type my original post complained about: visually stunning but almost entirely useless for anything other than showing off. Then there […]

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New Tech Spotlight: Let’s Get Real About Extended Reality

Carlton Doty February 4, 2019
This morning, I came across a story about Warby Parker’s new “virtual try-on” capability. It seems the eight-year-old eCommerce company is dipping its toes back into augmented reality (AR). The rub is that the auto-magical feature is only available to people on Warby Parker’s iOS app for iPhone X or later. I guess Android and […]

CES 2019 Delivers Dazzling Tech But Disappointing Experiences

Jennifer Wise January 12, 2019
I spent this week in Las Vegas at CES to check out the latest and greatest technology wonders, ranging from 3D printing, AI, and cryptocurrency to drones, autonomous vehicles, dancing robots, and wearables. A lot of what I saw has broad CX implications for accessibility, healthcare, and more. My focus was on who will use […]

Invest In Virtual Care Now To Ensure Relevance In Tomorrow’s Healthcare Ecosystem

Arielle Trzcinski October 5, 2018
Virtual care is about to radically change the way that healthcare organizations deliver care. The silver tsunami looms, and within the next decade, the number of adults age 65 and older will increase by 41%.* Chronic disease prevalence is set to rise 57% by 2020.** Patients need to be supported beyond traditional care settings to guide their […]
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