Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst

Show notes:

With exponential digital opportunity comes exponential risk; as long as governments and companies are innovating and digitizing their devices, they’re growing their vulnerabilities. The latest Russian cyberattack on the US power grid shows the evolution of attackers and their intent. Firms are now dealing with hackers leading national-level operations that can cause big-time harm to an entire country.

Companies and government entities must flip the traditional security paradigm on its head. It used to be about protecting the perimeter and keeping attackers out; now, firms need to expose their own vulnerabilities and lock down critical assets to reclaim power from the enemy. This requires a complete strategy overhaul — and a mindset shift that spans the entire organization.

In this episode, Chase Cunningham addresses the urgency around infrastructure security and offers a vital solution: putting a Zero Trust framework in place to combat threats long before a security crisis hits.