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Cyril Lamblard, Global Head of eCommerce, Nespresso

Show notes:

Digital transformation is business transformation, and it must be inspired by a future vision of delivering best-in-class customer experience.

Nespresso Global Head of eCommerce Cyril Lamblard knows this firsthand. Over the past eight years, he has been leading the organization’s digital transformation efforts, work that has required a sharp break from existing business models and assumptions to an investment in new technical operations and business processes — and most importantly, a new organizational structure.

In a market where customer expectations are rapidly changing and the future is unknown, Nespresso realized it was imperative to decentralize the organization — giving up control to digital change agents — to accelerate and amplify transformation across the company.

In this episode, Cyril walks through Nespresso’s complicated and disruptive transformation, where customer experience takes center stage in an operating model that is ripe for the future market.