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TJ Keitt, Senior Analyst

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Everyone has habits that regulate their daily lives — and those habits often include services or products designed to support, create, or reward those habits.  

A great customer experience caters to the habits that your customers have (and want to keep) or habits they want to form. A brand that engenders the most customer loyalty will not only support these habits but also adapt their delivered value as their customers’ habits and desires change. 

Brands like JetBlue, Amazon, and Netflix have done this well and see continuous growth as a result. But, this isn’t limited to B2C firms. Disruption is knocking at every company’s door, in the form of new players trying to change the habits of your customers — and steal revenue from your bottom line.  

In his keynote at Forrester’s 2018 CXNYC Forum, TJ Keitt discusses how brands can develop a successful customer experience platform that caters to customers’ current habits and allows for the flexibility to anticipate and adapt to future needs.