Jeff Pollard, VP, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Attackers impersonate users and steal information — we know this. But when their objective is to distort our source of truth, what is at stake? 

In his keynote speech from Forrester’s 2018 Digital Transformation Forum in Chicago, Security & Risk Analyst Jeff Pollard tells us a horror story: As technology advances, the bad guys win.

Unencumbered by organizational baggage, attackers use the same technology as you to move fast and strike without warning. In the post-truth era, this not only means selling your information at a profit but also distorting the data you use to run your business. Attackers don’t have to be online trolls looking for a laugh: They are competitors, opposing nation-states, or enemies that you’ve made along the way. 

They will weaponize your business — whether through data, brand image, or customer experience — against you, and as digital transformation increases attack surfaces, you’ll have to find new ways to defend your brand.

In this podcast episode, Jeff Pollard talks us through the idea of distortion, how attackers operationalize it, and how to defend your brand.