Chris Paul, LPL Financial and Daniel Patreau, CIBC

Show Notes

Chris Paul, SVP of advisor and investor experience at LPL Financial, and Daniel Patreau, director of digital experience at CIBC, first connected as members of Forrester’s Customer Experience Council. Both are leading transformation at their respective firms, with the aim of making each employee and team resolutely agile and customer-centric.

Innovation is hard. Culture change is immensely difficult. But investing in these projects from the start, rather than retroactively trying to fix things, is crucial to an organization’s ability to keep up with the times — and customers.

However, success isn’t just a matter of throwing budget at the problem: Your company culture must be fine-tuned for agility, malleability, and customer understanding. As Chris and Daniel explain in this week’s podcast episode, a number of factors go into changing behavior without building resentment. Top-down leadership, deliberate and extensive communication, cross-functional teams, and employee enablement all contribute to building an effective future state.