Pam Piligian, Senior Vice President, Navy Federal Credit Union

Show Notes:

Navy Federal Credit Union has been the No. 1 multichannel bank in Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) three years in a row. How do they do it?  

As Navy Federal’s senior vice president of marketing and advertising, Pam Piligian explains, Navy Federal’s success hinges on its ability to understand and serve the needs of a unique member base. When Navy Federal builds a product, a process, or a resource, it ensures that members have “a seat at the table” and that their financial well-being acts as a guiding light. 

Many of Navy Federal’s incoming members are new military recruits who are just starting to establish their financial lives. Knowing that these members will have lots of questions, Navy Federal doesn’t rate contact center employees on how quickly they get someone off the phone. 

This deep empathy with members differentiates Navy Federal. But as CX professionals know, getting employees to carry out the top-down CX vision is challenging. In this podcast episode, Pam explains the tactics Navy Federal uses to foster empathy in employees, including having them show up at Parris Island at 7 a.m. 40 weeks a year.