Carl Doty, Vice President, Emerging Technology Research and Nader Ghaffari, CEO, Venture Scanner

Carlton Doty 

Show Notes

Let’s say a banking firm is interested in innovation. Maybe, they think, it’d be a good idea to partner with or acquire a startup. How hard can it be to find a good one?

Well, there are over 2,000 fintech startups out there. Even the most diligent CDO doesn’t have the time or resources to thoroughly investigate a market of that size. Instead, most incumbent corporations make major purchasing decisions while only understanding a tiny fraction of their options. Even worse, startup markets can run frothy and be plagued with vaporware. Choosing the diamonds from the rough is no easy game: Venture capitalists make storied careers out of guessing right.

In this episode of What It Means, VP, Emerging Technology Research Carl Doty and Venture Scanner CEO and Cofounder Nader Ghaffari explain how unbiased advice is the key to obtaining much-needed innovation from startups. Hear guidance on how to preserve the startup spirit and disruptive culture in the aftermath of an acquisition, plus a warning about which startup markets may be too mature to provide the cutting-edge advantage corporations are after.