Show Notes

What is the importance of cultivating indirect selling experiences? What does it take to be a successful CRO? Can value-based selling mitigate pandemic-related challenges? In this week’s episode, Chris Doggett, CRO at Acquia, details how his experiences in indirect sales have helped him be a successful CRO, as well as the steps Acquia has taken to ensure revenue and quota attainment during the pandemic.

We also discuss:

  • The importance of cultivating indirect sales experience.
  • How to overcome pandemic-related selling challenges.
  • The growing importance of value selling.
  • How to avoid channel conflict.
  • The balancing act between short-term revenue goals and the long-term goal of setting your sales organization up for success.
  • How to align go-to-market functions around shared goals.

Tune in to the full episode to hear more about Chris’ experiences in indirect selling, as well as in his current role as CRO of Acquia!