Deepen Your B2B Buyer Engagement In The Era Of GenAI

Watch this webinar to discover insights for B2B buyer content preferences and learn how to scale personalized content production with generative AI to drive deeper buyer engagement.

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Spurred by explosive digital adoption, today’s B2B buyers crave personalized and relevant content that directly addresses their needs throughout their journey. To effectively engage with these discerning buyers, marketing leaders must deeply understand their audience and know which content resonates at different stages—so they can bolster customer engagement. 

Watch this webinar where we reveal how to engage your B2B buyers with personalized content at scale. We explore the emerging trends for new content preferences and personalization and show you how to optimize and scale content production with genAI. 

Here’s your chance to dive deep into buyer expectations, content preferences, and personalization strategies with Forrester’s Principal Analyst Daryl Wright and Senior Consultant Line Larrivaud, all based on the findings of Forrester’s 2023 Global Content Preferences Study. 

In this webinar, you can: 

  • Understand the importance of buyer personas and the role they play at each stage of the buyer journey.
  • Align content, assets, and channel preferences at each stage to drive unparalleled buyer engagement. 
  • Gain insights into content preferences such as formats, types, sources, and channels for today’s B2B buyer personas.
  • Learn how to leverage genAI appropriately to optimize content production at scale.



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Duration: 45 minutes