I stumbled across a new Forrester blog recently and thought you might be interested in hearing about where other Forrester analysts are blogging:

The marketing team also had a conversation about why we blog.  Our feed subscription and site traffic have grown at a pretty decent pace and I thought it was a good point for a status check.  Some of our reasons:

  • A great way to have a broad, public conversation and engage with new voices that surface via comments and trackbacks
  • Less formal and faster than writing an "official" research piece – an easier way to air out thoughts on a topic and get feedback (which often leads to a syndicated research piece)
  • To gauge the heat level on topics that lie on the fringe of a research agenda
  • Building awareness in niche marketing topics
  • The audience has so much to teach us – making us better analysts
  • Although none of us are compensated for blogging, the blog certainly generates visibility and activity that indirectly helps our business (i.e. the ROI of blogging)

Last time we did a process check, you left great feedback on how to improve – one piece of advice that everyone took to heart was the need to use a more personal voice in posts.  (Hopefully you’ve noticed!)

So have at it once again – what value do you get out of this blog?  Any suggestions for improvement?