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Get Focused And Go Bold At CX North America

Rick Parrish April 4, 2023
Success in an uncertain economy requires customer obsession. Register now for CX North America to get the cutting-edge research and actionable frameworks that you need to achieve your goals.

The White House’s $500 Million Request For CX Funding Is A Big Step Toward A Vital Goal

Colleen Fazio April 3, 2023
The White House’s budget proposal for fiscal-year 2024 includes more than $500 million in customer-experience (CX)-related investments to continue progress on the administration’s robust CX goals. Predictably, this hasn’t made headlines: It’s just .007% of the total $6.9 trillion budget proposal and doesn’t excite fiery debates like higher-profile requests do. It’s a strong investment, however, […]

Announcing The Finalists For The Inaugural Customer Obsession Awards In North America

Rick Parrish March 22, 2023
Meet the finalists for Forrester’s inaugural North American Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award and Customer-Obsessed Leadership Award.

Explore The End Of The Customer Lifecycle At CX APAC 2023

Rick Parrish March 13, 2023
Death. Taxes. The customer lifecycle. Until now, business leaders could count on the inevitability of all three. But no longer. Today’s consumers thrive on novelty, embrace emerging technologies, and expect more from brands. And during the pandemic, businesses proved that they can innovate fast enough to keep up. As both consumers and businesses race forward, […]

It’s Awards Season For Customer Obsession — Nominations Wanted

Rick Parrish January 18, 2023
Submit your nominations for Forrester's inaugural Customer Obsession Awards. These awards will recognize leading organizations and executives who put customers at the center of everything — and, in the process, accelerate growth, customer loyalty, and employee engagement.

Predictions 2023: CX Teams Thrive Or Wither Based On What They Do Now

Rick Parrish October 25, 2022


CX Leaders Are Overly Optimistic About Their 2023 Budgets

Rick Parrish August 25, 2022
In this challenging economic climate, CX leaders must invest to maximize the ROI of their CX programs. Those who don’t will find their budgets slashed — especially if economic troubles persist.

US Public Sector Predictions 2022

Rick Parrish February 10, 2022
Read this post to discover six key predictions on US public sector customer and employee experiences, cybersecurity, and technology. Then, dive deeper with a complimentary webinar.

Let’s Discover The State Of Customer Obsession In Government

Rick Parrish February 9, 2022
Government organizations that want to improve the services, benefits, products, and experiences that they provide to customers must focus relentlessly on customers’ needs. This means putting customers at the center of strategy, leadership behaviors, and everyday operations — an approach that Forrester calls customer obsession. Most government organizations want to be more customer obsessed. But […]

New Forrester Data Shows Wide Disparities In US Federal Customer Experience (CX) Quality Despite Overall Gains

Rick Parrish December 10, 2021
Average Federal CX Ekes Out A New High, Still Trailing The Private Sector It’s a new White House priority to provide “excellent, equitable, and secure federal services and customer experience.” To help understand the state of the federal CX, Forrester has published a US federal CX Index (CX Index™) report since 2015. This year, in […]

The President’s New Management Agenda Has A Clear Approach To Strengthen Customer Experience

Rick Parrish November 22, 2021
The new PMA has three priorities: employee experience, customer experience, and managing the business of government. In this blog post I evaluate the CX priority and offer advice to implement it.

What The US Infrastructure Bill Means To You

Renee Murphy November 10, 2021
After months of negotiations in Congress, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is about to become law. This new law will address specifics such as climate change, sustainability, and cybersecurity that all have specific requirements which, in turn, will drive your policy and regulation in the future. If you do business with the US federal […]

Predictions 2022: The Global Public Sector Will Transform Itself — And Society

Rick Parrish November 9, 2021
Governments' actions on climate change, digital privacy, and the future of the workplace will reverberate throughout the world’s economy. Learn more in our public sector predictions for the coming year.

The Canada Customer Experience Index, 2021, Has Good News For Canadian Brands!

Rick Parrish June 1, 2021
Forrester’s Canada Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), 2021, reveals the scores of 97 brands across nine industries. Our full report has a wealth of data at the brand and industry levels. In brief, when we compare only brands that we studied both at the start of the pandemic in 2020 and in 2021, the quality […]

It Takes Hard Data And Soft Power To Ensure CX Success

Rick Parrish April 21, 2021
CX leaders must organize stakeholders enterprise-wide – often without direct authority over the people, process, and technology they need to influence. But how? Get a preview of the CX North America 2021 keynote.

Five Ways To Ensure Deep Collaboration Between Marketing And CX

Rick Parrish December 14, 2020
CX and marketing can master the new normal by reinventing their relationship with each other. Learn five proven strategies for creating deep and sustained collaboration between CX and marketing.

It’s Time For A US Federal Chief Customer Officer

Rick Parrish December 4, 2020
The Biden administration should work with Congress to create a permanent federal chief customer officer (CCO) role to oversee policy, spending, and interagency coordination for all federal customer experience (CX) efforts. Folks at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and some US federal agencies have been working hard to improve the quality […]

Give More Thought To Giving Tuesday

Rick Parrish October 30, 2020
These days, many companies are trying to express moral, social, or political values that resonate with values-based consumers. Giving Tuesday (which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving) presents an opportunity for companies to do just that, so a growing number of brands participate. However, companies’ participation in Giving Tuesday will resonate with the market […]
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Retailers Must Adjust Their Marketing And CX Spending In The Wake Of COVID-19

Rick Parrish October 28, 2020
Retailers: Make Spending Changes In Five Categories Post-COVID-19 The business effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for years. However, the consequences of the pandemic are not identical for all companies. Different industries and firms face disparate consumer trends, resource availability, and revenue potential during the pandemic and its aftermath. As a result, […]

The Promise (And Perils) Of Customer-Focused Government Technology Transformation

Dan Bieler October 16, 2020
Technology transformation is a fundamental lever to change the working of government overall.
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