According to our research, here are the top ten activities conducted online. All of them would benefit from faster download speeds, but none of them require faster connection speeds. If the goal is to provide a service to the city and bridge the digital divide, 300KBPS should be enough.

The list:

  1. Received and sent email
  2. Used a search engine/portal (e.g., Yahoo!, MSN, Google) to search for information
  3. Researched products and/or services
  4. Purchased products and/or services
  5. Gathered information on local events, restaurants, maps or traffic
  6. Viewed a bill or statement online
  7. Participated in contests or sweepstakes
  8. Paid a bill online
  9. Used the Internet to get the daily news
  10. Conducted online personal banking (e.g., account transfer, check balances, etc.)