Forrester is planning on creating a Leadership Board for product managers. What does that mean?

Here’s an official description:

The Forrester Tech Industry (TI) Leadership Boards bring senior executives together to stimulate new thinking & encourage business growth. Each is a knowledge community, layered on top of Forrester’s research services, tailored to a specific role. The Forrester Leadership Boards (FLBs) help members succeed by offering member-driven content, unique deliverables, community interactions and a dedicated relationship team.

In other words, above and beyond the normal research and consulting, the FLB for product management may provide things like..

  • Regular contacts with your peers in other organizations, plus the Forrester TI analysts who serve product managers.
  • Access to research that the FLB members specifically request.
  • Special events for FLB members, including mini-events at Forrester conferences like the upcoming IT forum.
  • A little extra attention as a Forrester client, since there’s an official FLB staff.
  • Information about the questions clients are asking us, through the regular inquiry process.

Since we’re a role-based company, we have to be sensitive to the needs of each role. Therefore, you tell us: What would you like to see, in a Forrester Leadership Board (FLB) for product managers? You can respond in the Comments section here, or send me an e-mail.