Amusing Journal story about Miller-sponsored Brew Blog that constantly tweaks archrival Anheuser-Busch. Stuffy Anheuser declines to comment, but a beer trade pub is certainly in a snit:

    Not so crazy about the blog is (Harry) Schuhmacher, the editor and publisher of Beer Business Daily. Mr. Schuhmacher, who charges $440 a year for his publication, declines to say how many subscribers he has. “I tell Miller you’re subsidizing a free publication, and it hurts the trade press,” he says. “But they don’t care.”…Mr. Schuhmacher adds that he writes fewer positive pieces about Miller than he once did because he knows Brew Blog will always publish the same stories.

Ummm, dunno if I would admit that, Harry. You’re the one that’s supposed to be a real journalist, remember? Not the pajama-clad corporate spy?

DISCLAIMER: I am a former Anheuser-Busch employee. (Summer job as costumed character at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.)