For those of you keeping score, a roundup of Q2 online ad revenues:

Google. Own sites up 42% to $3.5 billion. Network up 22% to $1.7 billion. International outgrew US and is over half of Google’s total for the first time.
Yahoo. Own sites up 14% to $1 billion. Network down 4% to $570 million
MSN. Up 18% to $618 million, but not all that growth is organic. Some of it’s from acquisitions. And it was Microsoft’s fiscal fourth quarter, so they had feet on the gas.
AOL up 2% to about $600 $530 million (more detail after the earnings call). UPDATED AOL’s display ad sales on its own properties were down 14% to $191 million. Search was up 10% to $172 million and its third-party network up 15% to $167 million.
Fox Interactive Media – which is mostly MySpace – up 23% to $225 million.

New York Times Digital was up 18%; Martha Stewart up 31%, Washington Post up 4% but display was up 11%. Disney and Viacom didn’t say much, so presumably they had some growth but not high double digits.

Jupiter’s forecast for 2008 US online display ad spending growth of 15% to 16% is achievable, but it’ll take some strong second half kicks.