Chris McClean

Earlier this week in a joint press release, Microsoft and BearingPoint announced the new BearingPoint Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance product offering. Ok… it will be a while before the more veteran enterprise GRC vendors start really losing sleep over this deal. But BearingPoint continues to be a top risk consulting firm, and Microsoft’s reach through the business user community will be an attractive benefit for compliance and risk professionals trying to get hundreds or thousands of staff members to contribute to the GRC program. There’s potential here for sure.

With software giants IBM, Oracle, SAP, and now Microsoft increasing their level of commitment in the enterprise GRC space, the 2-3 year market outlook continues to change. The risk and regulatory landscape is only going to get tougher to handle, and the more GRC programs can run seamlessly with existing business processes and applications, the better. The vendors focused solely on GRC still have the advantage for now, but market consolidation is on its way… and it’s coming maybe just a tiny bit faster than it was at the start of this week.