Roger Browning in The Guardian describes the action he took to exact "sweet revenge" on Apple for treating him badly.

Bad Apple

Complaining about a misleading iPhone advert was sweet revenge for the terrible customer service I had received

What's interesting to me is that Roger seems to be a fan of Apple products, notwithstanding his anger at Apple's customer service:

…I still love my iPhone. But I can't help but wonder if Apple put as much effort into their customer service as they do their marketing, whether this situation might have been avoided in the first place.

I think this is a nightmare for a brand – a bad experience causes a disgruntled loyalist to get vengeful, like a spurned lover who turns stalker. And although I really believe that most companies could do a better job of tackling customer complaints before they escalate and irritate customers, I don't think it's possible to fully resolve every issue.

I wonder if Roger voiced his complaint to the CEO's office before taking the path of direct action.