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I had fun judging some mobile content yesterday. I’m sworn to secrecy, but trust me, the winners were cool. And some of them even integrated advertising gracefully.

However, I was a bit disappointed – as were several other judges – about how many of the apps missed out on applying some core values. Way too much "port over a Web app, and try real hard to accommodate the small screen and keyboard."

Doesn’t it seem to you like mobile content should actually exploit the fact it’s mobile (that is, on the go), that it’s local, and that it’s running on a device that’s optimized for communications (that is, social)? Sigh. Anyway, my report in production will show that on-the-go broadband will be dominated by the small screen (versus on-the-go laptops), and that there will be a critical mass audience for marketers and programmers to target in the US beginning in 2010. Till it’s posted, here’s what’s up in the US, and the outlook for mobile broadband PCs in Europe.

I don’t think the Internet will gravitate to the handset, either. Intersect with it, for sure. And that’s one reason why He who synchs best, wins, as former colleague Michael Gartenberg would say.