Now that the end-of-the-quarter madness is out of the way, I've had time to finish my inaugural podcast, under the guise of The Heretech. (That's the name of the blog where I cross-post, in case you didn't know.) The heresy motif helps explain some of the attempts at humor, if they seem a bit opaque.

Here's the Heretech post that links to the first podcast, and here's the link to the Heretech blog's feed (in case you want to subscribe via iTunes or some similar tool).

This first episode features an interview with my colleague Oliver Young, who has lots of interesting things to say about social media and how B2B buyers are using them to inform their decisions. Oliver has been instrumental in collecting and analyzing survey data about this topic. As an added bonus for listeners, we discover why Oliver will never be welcome on the East Coast ever again.

Apologies in advance for a couple of audio issues. Although I have some experience podcasting, I'm not an expert, particularly on the particular set of hardware I used for the first few interviews.