Chenxi Wang

Friends, after nearly three months of leave, I am back to work and ready to take on the world again.


While I was gone, a number of notable market movements happened: McAfee acquired MXlogic, AT&T acquired VeriSign’s security service business, and Verizon Business is forming a strategic alliance with McAfee to deliver cloud solutions. Many of the new announcements, which I am busy processing out of my inbox as we speak, have to do with cloud computing. Interestingly enough, in a week or so, I’ll be able to blog about a few more cloud-centric acquisitions and partnership deals. Looks like the cloud bandwagon is as hot as when I left it three months ago.


On the application security front, there have been a few interesting deals: IBM acquired Ounce Labs and HP announced a partnership with Fortify (does anyone not expect HP will eventually acquire Fortify?). More and more vendors are moving towards an ALM platform for application security. HP and IBM are certainly the front runners at this point (here is looking at you, Microsoft!)


I just started my own blog site at, covering the topics of application security and cloud security. At some point, I may break it into two independent blogs, but at present the two topics are under the same domain. I will be cross posting to the SRM blog here, but please check for updates as well.


Here is to happy blogging!