We’re seeing high growth in much of Asia and the developing world, and low or negative growth in many parts of the industrial world.

We’re seeing rapid evolution in consumer tastes, and massive, leap-frogging investments in broadband infrastructure in a number of markets.

Consumers increasingly travel, migrate and sustain global interpersonal relationships.

More than ever before, they consume media and products from other markets.

It’s time to reinvent the relationship between global HQ and national and regional heads of marketing to harness new realities.

For this new research, I’d like to hear from national, regional and global heads of marketing from around the world who can discuss:


  • How the relative importance of various national markets is changing for your organization
  • The ways in which global HQ monitors or supervises national and regional marketing
  • The ways in which global HQ enables and supports national and regional marketing
  • The ways in which national marketing teams support each other horizontally
  • The ways in which local experiences worldwide shape global marketing strategy


I’m hoping to speak with marketing leaders within Fortune 1000 companies from any industry and every geography. If that sounds like you, please email me.