Wow! What a blast!  I just finished hosting Forrester's first "tweet jam" with Connie Moore, Derek Miers, Jim Kobielus, and Alex Peters.  To my knowledge this was the first time a virtual jam session has been hosted on Twitter by an analyst firm. 

My heart is still racing from the flurry of questions and responses packed into a short two hour window this afternoon. A total of 69 participants generated over 500 tweets around our discussion topic: "Top Challenges Facing Business Process Professionals In 2010".

During the session, we covered a wide array of BPM challenges.  Specific challenges that generated the most tweets included:

  • Developing skills for process analysts – Most attendees felt that BPM certification needed to be standardized – possibly with the Association for Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) becoming the defacto standard for BPM certification.
  • Connecting BPM and EA initiatives – Many attendees were grappling with how to connect their business process improvement efforts back to enterprise architecture activities.  Additionally, many pointed out the need to connect BPM and MDM activities.
  • Dynamic case management – Attendees discussed differences between traditional BPM and dynamic case management. Explored why case management is most common process pattern in gov't but not as prevalent in private sector.

Visit the #bpmjam hashtag to view the entire transcript for today's conversation.

Immediately following the tweet jam session, I gave Connie Moore a call to see how she thought everything went.  I thought Connie's feedback on the session was priceless:  "I felt like Lucy in the chocolate factory!"



We learned a lot from today's jam session.  Most importantly, we learned that process professionals are hungry to share and learn from one another. From our 2009 Business Analyst survey, we already knew process analysts looked to blogs and social sites to improve their knowledge and skills; but were truly surprised by the level of interaction and engagement during today's session.

Thanks to everyone that participated in today's session!  Based on today's session, we plan to host additional tweet jam sessions in the future.  Let us know what topics you would like to see us discuss in the next tweet jam, and also share your feedback on how you thought the tweet jam went. 

Provide us with your comments below or feel free to e-mail me at