Smashing Magazine recently wrote an article about Mobile Web Design Trends For 2009 that was…well…smashing! It brings together a few best practices for good mobile Web design as well as some of the more common challenges involved with designing and developing a good mobile Web site.

Here’s what smashing recommends:

  1. Offer simple options
  2. White space
  3. Lack of images
  4. Sub-domains instead of .mobi or separate domains
  5. Prioritized content

    I might reorder the list slightly (I’m actually not sure if this list was in any particular order), but I think these are some very important design principles that user experience professionals looking at mobile devices must remember.

    2010 is going to be a really interesting year at the intersection of customer experience and mobile. There’s finally enough critical mass both in terms of content and users of both mobile Web sites and applications to actually make it an interesting discussion.
    I’m actually making my own list (with a few different recommendations) of 5 ways to deliver quality mobile Web experiences and presenting it at a Target Marketing and eM+C webinar that Gomez is sponsoring on March 10, 2010. If you feel strongly about a specific tactic, let me know. If not, stay tuned for my recommendations in an upcoming post (after the 10th!)

    If you’re interested in the topic of improving mobile Web experiences, you can learn more about the topic and register for my Webinar.